Project Management
Your brand encompasses more than just print. We capture your message and carry your brand through multiple platforms, aligning our services to fulfill your needs.

Need your own store? Does your organization need it's own on-line store for multiple products to maintain brand consistency? We can create a store just for your company so you can log on and order products with a touch of a button -- pre-approved by your marketing department and purchasing.
For your specific company…
yeah we do that. For the trade…yeah we do that. For an agency…yeah we do that too!


Master manages projects everyday that include:
Logo Design Catalogs Signage
Print Design & Production Website Design Trade Show Booth Design
Magazines Outdoor Campaigns Promotional Materials
Brochures Cinema & Television Commercials Wearables
Books E-Mail Campaigns
Jonesboro City Chamber magazine City of Stuttgart Magazine Liberty Bank Shareholders Magazine


Services include:
Ad Management Translation Services Copywriting & Editing
Budgeting Content Writing Marketing Campaign Management


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