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These helpful tip sheets from Master provides valuable time-saving and cost reducing tips and tricks. Each issue  offers solutions and suggestions to help you tackle graphic design, marketing, printing and direct mail related challenges.


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Prepress Reference Guide
You can follow our Prepress Reference Guide step-by-step in order to prepare your files for optimum and efficient printing. Having your file properly prepared will save you time and money.

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Digital Marketing
Though overall global marketing budgets in the tech sector are increasing 3.5% in 2011, they are not keeping pace with annual revenues in the sector, which are expected to grow 6.5% over
2010 levels, according to a report by IDC....


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Instagram for All
Instagram, a free app for download on your smart phone, is one of the most popular social networking apps right now. While Facebook is still immensely popular, many people complain that the site has become too full of political arguments and...

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Introduction to Pinterest
The creators of Pinterest started the website for a place to organize and share things you love. Imagine Pinterest as spreading out all your favorite photos on the table, separating them into categories and pining them up on different bulletin boards.…


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Introduction to Twitter
Twitter is one of the largest and fastest-growing social networks
on the web. This real-time social network connects you to the
world in 140 characters or less. That might not seem like a lot of
space to express yourself, but the social network...

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Google Docs Part 1-2
Chances are you’ve probably used or at least heard of Google’s email service Gmail. But did you know a Gmail account also gives you access to free tools like a word processor, presentation creator and spreadsheet application…


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Twitter Security
Now that you are setup on twitter and comfortable tweeting,
perhaps you want to make your account private. You can limit the people who see your tweets by using the security settings provided by Twitter...

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Google Docs Part 3-4
In the past we’ve looked at what Google Docs and Google Drive are and what cloud computing is. Today we’ll go a step further and see how we can practically apply this to our business…


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Getting Respect
In American culture there are feuds that have become legendary: Alexander Hamilton versus Aaron Burr, the Hatfields versus the McCoys, Al Capone versus Bugs Moran and and….Marketers versus Management.

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Evolution of Print
It has been widely rumored that Nostradamus predicted 9/11: “In the year of the new century and nine months,from the sky will come a great king of terror. The sky will burn at 45 degrees… fire approaches the great new city…


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Creating Brand Loyalty
A college student picks up a lug nut off the street and creates a ring from it.That experience is the spark that ignited the artistic genius of Scott Kay and the genesis of a jewelry company bearing his name that is today the bestselling bridal brand in...

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Print 2.0
The owner of a local family restaurant decides to increase business by spending some money on advertising, and a friend suggests she should use an e-mail blast to promote her restaurant. She considers this—she is an avid Internet user and has had...


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Change: A Catalyst for Transformation
The rock stars of science—notables including the real inventor
of the World Wide Web, founders of Akamai and iRobot, and the leaders of the Human Genome Project—gathered earlier this year for a symposium at MIT called “Computation and the...

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Cross Media Marketing
For decades, the SOP has been S and P advertising. In other words, the standard operating procedure for marketing has been spray and pray advertising. The objective was to spray large groups of consumers with information via TV, direct mail, radio, signage...


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Above the Noise
In 2009 when most luxury brand retailers were hunkering down, slashing prices and personnel, and maneuvering to survive the global recession, Burberry, a British luxury fashion house, had a record year. Not only did they report record profits, but they...

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The Return of VDP
Have you taken a good look at your mail lately? Perhaps you have noticed that you receive far less mail addressed to occupant or resident these days. Instead your name is boldly printed on the front, often in color. Whole catalogs are now customized to...


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The Art and the Heart of Fine Marketing
Amidst all the scientific marketing chatter about Google algorithms, empirical quantitative research, media mix formulas, social media analytics and marketing metrics, there is a rising roar about the data explosion. Some estimates say that information is...

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The Model Business
What if Alexander Osterwalder is right? What if you could sketch out your company’s future on a canvas and strategically redirect its fortunes with nothing more than a large whiteboard and some sticky notes? What if this seemingly simple method of...


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The Nature of Nurturing
The questions were fast and furious. But Liz McClellan knew what to expect. She had been down this road already. She had taken her company, Sage Business Solutions, on the journey into the world of marketing automation. She had lived through...

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Upping the Ante
Do you consider yourself loyal? Do you stick with certain brands and repeatedly do business with the same vendors day in and day out? If a new coffee shop opened right across the street from your favorite coffee outlet and offered the exact same...


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The Disillusionment of Social Media
The problem was, Joe Paterno hadn’t died. Onward State, an oncampus student news site, tweeted that Paterno had died of complications from lung cancer he had been diagnosed with last November, shortly after the university fired him...

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Power of the Niche
In case you missed it, Apple crushed it. Posting record holiday quarter earnings that exceeded all expectations in all categories, it became the most valuable company on the planet in January as its stock shares surged. Although Apple clearly is dominating today’s...


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Marketing Supply Chain
There is an epidemic that threatens the optimized Marketing Supply Chain. As marketers seek to provide the most timely, fresh
and of-the-moment content to customers and channel alike, old, over-ordered or un-utilized materials tend to...

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Consumers Purchasing Behavior
Print in the Mix and ATG partnered to survey a pool of 1,054 respondents, age 18 and older, living in the continental United States to explore the consumers purchasing behavior aligned with multiple channels of Web sites, brick-and-mortar stores...


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The Eight Ps of Marketing
Most professional marketers can easily recite The Four Ps of Marketing. Otherwise known as The Marketing Mix, The Four Ps have been a cornerstone concept driven into the minds of aspiring marketers everywhere. However, marketing is so much...

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Keep Your Mailing Price Down
Simple enough. Stamp it, drop it in the box, and let the Post Office handle the rest.
But relying on the USPS to take care of mail processing is causing prices togo up. Is the mail deliverable? Is the address...


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Short Run Books- Can They Benefit You?
Whether you are a first time publisher or a seasoned writer, utilizing digital printing is a viable means of keeping your project budget in control. We can print as few as one book and, using your files, the turn around time is minimal...

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Smartphone Purchase Funnel
Google, in partnership with Ipsos OTX MediaCT, an independent marketing research firm, conducted a study in late 2010 to gain a better understanding of smartphone consumer behavior.
Interviewing over 5,000 U.S. online adults...


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The Ultimate New Year's Resolution
I'm just like you. I'm thinking of remarkable goals I'm going to reach in 2014. It's a fresh start — a 365 page book just waiting to be written. I have big plans for this year and so do you, I'm sure. I'm not here to tell you that you won't...